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An All-Natural Solution

Zero Chemicals

Plant-Based Product

THC Free

100% Natural

Improving Tolerance
All Natural THC Tolerance Lowering Supplement
Ingredients You Can Trust

Echinacea Purpurea

High in antioxidants and defends your body against stress.

Matcha Green Tea

Can help lower blood pressure, keep you awake and focused

Flax Seed

Anti-inflammatory properties help to control weight and digestion

Chia Seed

Helps cleanse the colon and boosts energy

Ginger Root

Alleviates stress and mental exhaustion


Strengthens immune system and prevents headaches

Green Line

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A Better High = A Better Life

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Amazing Product

I figured I would give this a go as a lifelong cannabis user. This a local company that makes a bunch really unique stuff. First saw them on the TV show Dragon’s Den. This was exactly what I needed, a well overdue tolerance break program with the proper nutrients. I didn’t last the full 7 days, went three days and feel amazing.

Brent, United States
Actually Works

I’ll admit, I didn’t have very high expectations for this product. I assumed it would serve as a placebo to help get through a week-long break from my usual habitual use. Taking pills twice a day definitely helped take my mind off smoking. By the end of the week, the difference was surprising. Much more effective than even the two week break I would usually take. I’ll definitely use this product again.

Henrik, United States
Great Product

"Tried it. it’s a great product for helping increase my energy and focus. I didn’t know I was supposed to take it as a program at first, after that I got results. Read what it says on the site about how many to take. Otherwise, good product."

Max, Canada
All Natural Endocannabinoid System Refresh
Refresh Your Mind & Body
Refresh Your Mind & Body
Maintain healthy brain and body functioning by detoxifying your endocannabinoid system using Better High.
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THC Tolerance Reset Product

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THC Tolerance Reset Product
Special Offer!
1 More Better High For 50% Off